Veganism is a dietary preference that’s rapidly gaining traction throughout the Western world. But, unlike many of the diets that pass into the mainstream media’s consciousness, becoming vegan is an enriching lifestyle choice that’ll promote better long-term health among those who choose to do so. As a board-certified physician, I recognize that veganism isn’t just a fad. My journey into the vegan world began when one of my patients educated me on the diet’s life-changing potential. After freeing myself from the dietary harm that comes with consuming meat, dairy, and processed foods, I am here to help other prospective plant lovers ease themselves into this wonderful and transformative lifestyle. If you’re beginning to explore becoming a vegan, or if you already are one and you need some help, I invite you to learn more about A New View of Food.

What is a New View of Food?

Although I still practice as a board-certified OBGYN, my primary focus is now on helping others throughout Burlingame, CA enjoy a vegan lifestyle. My own journey into becoming a vegan was eye-opening, and I’ve come to recognize that this is a gentle way of life that promotes excellent long-term health. As a physician, I have a keen eye for research, and I love to immerse myself in the area of practice that I serve. Because of this, I have spent years focusing on evidence-based vegan practices, I have trained as a vegan health coach and I am a member of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Although becoming a vegan health coach has brought many positive changes to my life, I do recognize that this isn’t an easy journey for everyone. Because of this, I started A New View of Food. As a vegan health coach, I can help you change your diet for the better using both telephone consultations and in-person services. You can try my services for yourself with a free session, where I’ll help you explore abandoning processed foods and turning to a plant-based lifestyle.

Why choose to become a vegan?

Veganism is more than just the latest dieting fad. When you know how to read food labels and plan your meals carefully, becoming a vegan is a medically-recognized way of preventing chronic disease, balancing your lipid profile, combatting depression, and boosting your energy levels. Throughout my work as the owner of A New View of Food, I’ve found that my clients who successfully become vegan can enjoy energy-filled lives where preventing diabetes, obesity, and other harmful long-term diseases is a reality rather than a dream. Turning to a plant-based lifestyle is also an exciting journey where experimenting with cooking and educating yourself become joyous experiences.

How can a New View of Food help?

Whether you live in Burlingame, CA or one of the surrounding areas, I’m able to help you with my services. If you’re looking for a vegan health coach who can help you transform the way you shop, come to me. I’ll spend three hours browsing through your favorite marketplace to help you learn how to read labels and make shopping choices that change your life for the better.

Alternatively, you can choose one of my educational experiences. Whether you want a renowned raw food chef to cook for you in your home or you’re seeking a vegan education day for your workplace, I’m here to help. Among my other services, you’ll find the opportunity to learn how to batch cook using vegan meals, as well as three and six-month veganism courses.

If you’re looking for a vegan health coach who takes an evidence-centered approach, call me at (650) 868-5584 or email